The pursuit of God represents the way of life we hunger after as a church, a way of life in which God’s guidelines for wise living, as documented in the Bible, form the basis of everything we do.

Our goal is to emulate Christ, so that we can also be a gift to a world in need.

Just as a tool cannot decide its function, a created being cannot determine the reason for its existence.

We believe in the importance of each individual and encourage an environment in which anyone can be set on the path to discover the role they were designed to fill.

Each person is designed to do something a lot better than most, and the strength of the body lies in the strength of its individual parts.

It is in the maximisation of these innate talents and skills that mankind can have a positive and lasting impact in the world.


We are committed to practical Christianity, where our pursuit, purpose and potential are used to enhance the lives of others.

Locally or in the international community, we desire to play our part in easing burdens on those less fortunate than ourselves.

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