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Kemi you are right in your synopsis. What the younger generation get up to nowadays is so scary that it is unbelievable. Government legislation does not help with it's "child friendly" policies that challenges some of our core values as Christians.

On judgement day we are going to be questioned on our "custodial" duties as parents. The way we raise our children in the church has to be the perfect template in the market place in terms of discipline. How effective has that been when we benchmark the way our children dress, talk or conduct themselves against those in the Society.

Have we made the same mistake as David in ignoring this aspect of training so we can be branded as "cool" parents to the detriment of their roles as salt and light now and in the future?

Are we afraid of exhibiting our core values as Christians in terms of raising children in the fear of pressure from family, friends, money, jail or even death. Core values are "core" because they should be embedded in our "pysche" and unremovable!

As parents we need to walk, talk and breath core values so that we leave a legacy worth of praise and approval on that eventful day

Be blessed my sister