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African Children's Choir records at Abbey Road Studios

They may be too young to know much about George, Paul, Ringo or John, but when the African Children's Choir arrived to record at Abbey Road Studios recently, along with their founder, Ray Barnett, the

World Council of Churches elects new Central Committee

The World Council of Churches has elected a new Central Committee during its Assembly in South Korea.

Spiders in Bananas VIDEO: Woman horrified as Brazilian wandering spiders hatch on banana

A British family was forced to evacuate their home after a sac of deadly baby spiders were found on bananas purchased at a supermarket in the Hamptons.

Android 4.3 update for Galaxy S4, S3, Note 2; schedule for Sprint, Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile in U.S.

The Android 4.3 Jelly Bean update was made available in the U.S. for Samsung Galaxy S4 users on the Verizon and Sprint network last week.

Democratic Republic of Congo: Cautious welcome after rebel group promises to disarm

M23 rebels promise to use "purely political means" to pursue their goals

Religious people most likely to adopt in England

Religious people are most likely to adopt in England, new research has revealed.

Launch of new SOW Acapella album

"We believe that song is one of the vehicles God uses to bring his glory here in this nation"

Android 4.4 update download on Nexus 7, 10, 4; Kitkat features guide available on Google Play

Google finally launched the Nexus 5 handset pre-installed with Android 4.4 Kitkat operating system last week.

Free Church defends bonfire night celebrations against secularists

The Free Church of Scotland has defended bonfire night celebrations against calls from secularists to ban it for "religious reasons".

Alicia Ann Lynch apologizes for Boston Marathon bombing victim costume after receiving death threats

Alicia Ann Lynch, a 22-year-old from Michigan, has apologized for dressing as a victim of the Boston Marathon bombings for Halloween.