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Pray for Sandy Hook

As the first anniversary of the Sandy Hook shootings approaches, the community is asking for prayer

Ming Dong Chen identified as killer cousin who butchered mom and 4 kids in horrific Brooklyn stabbing [VIDEO]

Ming Dong Chen has been named as the man who butchered a mother and her four young children to death in a horrific stabbing rampage in Brooklyn on Saturday night.

Spirit Burn: new album from Vineyard Records

Spirit Burn - Live From London is the new live worship album from Vineyards Records UK available on October 29.

Will you be God's companion?

Abraham carried the burden of God like it was his own. Can we?

GAFCON offers itself as 'important and effective instrument of Communion'

GAFCON2013 began by learning from the East African Revival and ended with the singing of the revival song 'Tukutendereza Jesu' in response to the reading of the Nairobi Communique and Commitment.

Sexting trend inspires new app to give back control to parents

The alarming sexting trend among young people has prompted the Legacy Technology Group to create a new app that allows parents to monitor their children's smartphones.

BBC Two to explore pilgrimage

Simon Reeve makes his way across England and other parts of Europe before heading to the Holy Land for the new BBC Two series, Pilgrimage

Crypto Locker virus holds files for ransom; hackers demand $100 to decrypt files within 100 hours

A new malware called Crypto Locker Virus has been infecting computers via the Internet.

World's tallest dog PHOTOS, VIDEO: 7 ft Giant George dies aged 7

Giant George was deemed the world's tallest dog by Guinness World Records. He was just short of his eighth birthday when he passed away on October 17.

Monsoon floods displace 100,000 in Cambodia

Over a hundred thousand people have been displaced by deadly monsoon floods in Cambodia.