connect groups

The Jesus House Connect Groups are the heartbeat of the church. We meet every Wednesday at 7.30 pm in various locations in and around London.

    We would love for you to be part of our connect group community so please join a connect group where you are.
  • Could you be a CG leader or Host – click here to register
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  • Would you like to change your connect group –send an email to
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  • The bible encourages us to fellowship with one another and Connect Groups afford us the opportunity to do so.
  • When we are surrounded with other believers, we learn to grow and mature in Christ.
  • Within Connect Groups, we can recognise each other’s needs and provide support through prayer, sharing challenges and providing help where we can
  • We meet in different homes, have some refreshments, some worship and then time for discussion. We unpack the message preached on Sundays and explore the topic and verses more deeply together.

We have had some amazing testimonies of fellowship, discipleship, digging deep into the word and more. Check out the one below:

Testimony from a Connect Group Leader

“When I was asked to step in temporarily to lead a connect group; I had my reservations as I did not feel committed at the time. So my attitude was; just two weeks and once the leader is trained – then au revoir or hasta la vista baby. Months later – I am now an active participant after handing the mandate to lead the group to the host and given a stern warning by some members of the group not to even think of leaving. It has been an insightful and rewarding time as the connect group framework has provided a platform to ask controversial and non – controversial questions without the fear of any backlash or repercussions. This is what leads to the growth of an individual as the truth that sets one free is not kept under wraps inside a particular person but shared amongst a wider group”
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