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Where do my kids go?

Youth Services:
Both of our youth services will take place on alternate Sundays. Families will therefore have at least two Sundays in a month where the whole family can attend our family services together as a group. Until the additional rooms are completed services will be held in the current Worship Centre.
Please note:
TM4:12 Service times are to run concurrent with the family services.
RUC Squad will meet during the 2nd service from 11:30am - 1:15pm

Kidz First
Kidz first classes for
9-10 & 11-12 year olds are to be relocated to John Knox and Peniel Rooms.
All other Kidz first classes remain in the Kidz first area.

Parents and Babies
When work on the new suite of toilet facilities begins, the parents and babies room will be temporarily relocated to the current Hephzibah Room. A nursing mothers area will be designated within this room.

What else happens on Sundays?

Our Francophonie Service (French Church) takes place at the Regents Banqueting Suite in Finchley Central, a ten minute drive from The Jesus House Centre, and that service starts at 11:00am.

The teenage and youth ministries also meet on Sundays, as well as Re-Connect, a fellowship for young adults between the ages of twenty-one and thirty, which meets every other Sunday.

Our Prisons Ministry (catering for both male and female prisons and detention centres) also operate on Sundays, assisting the resident chaplains in providing Christian encouragement and fellowship for the incarcerated inmates.

Pages, our bookshop, and The Brook Café remain open for the duration of the daytime services and people looking for a good read or a tasty snack can pop into either of them. The Church Office is also open for members to make enquiries or to arrange to see a Pastor.


Jesus House Academy encourages growth in the knowledge of God and building mature believers through the teaching and practical application of God's Word.

Regular interactive classes hold every Sunday during the 2nd and 3rd services, where the focus is on the practicing the teachings of word of God and the keys to a healthy relationship with Him.

There are three levels:

Level 1: The Basics of Christianity and the Baptismal Class

Level 2: The Fundamentals of Christianity

Level 3: Practical Lessons in Discipleship.

These classes are very lively and fun-filled, yet quite thorough in their treatment of sensitive doctrinal and life issues. The Jesus House academy is a great opportunity to mature in faith and build an effective understanding of the word of God


Various groups and ministries also meet on Sundays after the daytime services, including a newly formed basketball fellowship.

Meeting Times

TM4:12 (Teens):9am – 10:45am & 11:30am - 1:15pm

Raised Up In Christ (Youth): 11:30pm

Re-Connect (Young Adults): 1:00pm on alternate Sundays

Jesus House Academy: Levels 1 and 2: 10:30am-12:30pm, and Level 3: 12:30pm-2:30pm