God's Faithfulness at Work

I am sharing this testimony of God's faithfulness to me and to my family. I just returned to work after a short break. After the June Pursuit of God, where I tuned in to watch online almost every single day, I became aware of the great and mighty things my God is capable of and how he can easily come through for myself and my family even when we least expect it.

The thought of a pay rise once crossed my mind a while ago but I did not really think about it because I thought it almost impossible to get this, being that my salary had been increased not too long ago, but during one of the evening meetings where Pastor Agu was led by the spirit to advise us to sew into the life of Pastor Abi, i realised from the prompting that God was about to do something great in my life even though I did not know what that thing would be.

Quite honestly, being that I watched that service online, though I had promised to make a donation I totally forgot once offline, but on Sunday I quickly did sewed that seed. After the closing day of the pursuit of God, I returned to work and right at my desk I felt a prompting to ask for a salary increase but my flesh tried to fight the thought until I felt this overwhelming push and excitement which immediately moved me straight to the office of the company's managing director. Surely this was not my flesh working but God who knows exactly what he has in store for His children.

On reaching the MD's office, I was very well accepted and miraculously was told that I was way overdue for a review and he spoke as though he was expecting me at that time to approach him with this. He even apologised for not himself bringing this up before now, and thanked me for doing it. Wow! How awesome God is.

Well, to cut the long story short, I had a series of meetings and about one week from when I first approached the MD, I was given a salary increase of 27% with great benefits and.... wait for this.... A promotion! Without the Holy Spirit prompting me and giving me the confidence to do this, I absolutely wouldn't have even dreamt of it. How awesome God is. He gives us things we do not deserve at all so we can in no way glory in ourselves. Thank You Father GOD. All the glory must go to God Almighty, the faithful God and the lover of my life.

I love you Lord. Thank you so much Lord Jesus!!! I know that this is just the beginning of great and mighty things God is about to do in my life, family... of this I am totally certain. I shall testify numerous more times in Jesus' name. Amen

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