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We aim to bring to your desktop and homes, Christian music as well as information from Jesus House. We offer news, sports, chat shows, and various genres of contemporary Christian music. Please note that though we broadcast via the internet to a worldwide audience, our playing times and weather updates are synchronised to the UK time zone.

We hope that our broadcasts will remain especially popular with Jesus House Partners who are based thousands of miles away. Why don't you make a request on one of our popular hit shows?


Jesus House Radio, rocking with praises as usual. I'm having a great time listening. Thanks

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Hello Steam Roller. It looks like your question didn't make it in time for the the live broadcast so that we could have responded promptly. Our apologies. I'll pass this question on to Mr Ade Ojomo and he will respond to you here - or on the next show. Please keep those questions coming.'s picture

Dear Steamroller. Many thanks. Glad you liked the interview with Terry MacAlmon. We do aim to have many other artists as well and hopefully when Terry visits these shores again, we will have him in the studio once more. Be blessed (and apologies for the late response :) )

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Thank you Mr Adeyjomo,

I guess today's show may be the best time to ask this question: "How do I deal with African timing without offending Africans?" I deal with a lot of different ethnicities at work (I do a time based job) and I always have to be particularly insistent on promptness when I have to deal with Africans generally. I try not to seem to pick on them, but I never have problems with lateness when it comes to English folks. It can be frustrating!!

Live wrinkle-free ... just smile!

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Jesus House radio is the best!! Thanks for bringing in Terry McAlmon today!

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wow Bosun Sadare. That is an AMAZING Testimony. Glad that you can raise up your hands to the Lord and dance. I hope the nurses in turn started to join and 'Komole' with you as well. Yay-e-yeeYeaah!. We thank God. God bless you. EVERYONE ELSE..lets KOMOLE for our God.

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So I woke up this mornin and what did I do? Tuned to JH Radio and started dancing! The nurses started showing up in turn to watch me 'komole!'

Jesus Rocks!

I was beaming with joy! I hope his books will still be available as Doc said. Well done sir! informative stuff !! 642-618 test king !! 642-642 test king !!'s picture

Hello. Are you still experiencing problems with playback of Jesus House radio? It's quite possible that you are using an out of date browser on your laptop / PC. Alternatively, access the radio station using the following 3rd party players: Tune In  Radio Forest and Shoutcast

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I cant seem to hear this songs playing, what do i need to do?

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Am unable to listen to the radio, what do i need to do?

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Am unable to listen to the radio, what do i need to do?'s picture

Hi Steamroller...Glad that you are enjoying our service..and most importantly others were listening during the Mandate period as well. I hope Mandate was a blessing to you. Did you get to buy Rob Parsons books? You might also want to consider getting the Mandate CD pack from the Wordmill. Thanks for the msg - and as you say "Live wrinkle-free ... just smile!"


JH Radio.

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Thanks DJ Yemi for supplying us with good vibes for those days in the office chilling with JH radio and somehow bringing this Jesus to my colleagues. But most of all, for airing this Mandate thing!! I'm certainly showing up for the evening session this Friday after listening to what Rob Parsons had to say. my whole office was silent listening to him, I was beaming with joy! I hope his books will still be available as Doc said. Well done sir!

N.B: We miss L-Boogie!! Bring her back! :-)

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Hi folks, you are welcome, much love from DJ Yemi and L-Boogie and the rest of the crew. If you want a shout out let us know...if you want a track to be played or dedicated to your family, please let us know. Hopefully we will have CeCe Winans with us in the studio This Saturday.

This is chubbdizzle and I wana say you are doing a great job....

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This radio station has blessed my life since it started. Please keep up the good work.

Can I just grab this opportunity to say a big HELLO!! to my parents in 9ja, and my siblings around the world! Yep, and if you want to, DJ Yemi, L-Booggie, you may air this so that they can hear it too!

Cheers all!

Jesus Rocks!

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