Make my homepage

Please note that some versions of these browsers, particularly very old ones, may behave in a slightly different way. If you need further help setting your homepage, or have a browser that isn't mentioned here, check your browser's Help menu.


    From the Tools (PC) or Firefox (Mac) menu, select Options
  • Under the General tab, make sure that the first option 'When Firefox starts' is set to 'Show my home page'
  • Enter the URL into the Home Page box
  • Click OK

Internet Explorer

  • From the Tools menu, select Internet Options
  • Under the General tab you will see a box where you can enter a URL
  • Enter the URL into the box
  • Click OK


  • From the Safari menu, select Preferences
  • Click the General icon and enter the URL into the Home Page box
  • Click OK


  • From the Tools (PC) or Opera (Mac) menu, select Preferences
  • Under the General tab, select 'Start with homepage' from the Start up menu.
  • Enter the URL into the Homepage box
  • Click OK