Jesus House Academy

About Jesus House Academy’s and our Mission

Jesus House Academy is the teaching arm of the Church (Jesus House for All Nations) Our mission is to support believers to

  • Becoming a bond servant of Christ, disciples
  • Make genuine heartfelt commitment to Christ
  • Actively adhere to the apostles teaching

Laying the foundation as wise master builder and building upon the foundation with precious stones, gold and silver that the faith of believers will stand in the power of God and not the wisdom of men.

Teaching with the demonstration of the Spirit and power of God

With focus on the full redemptive work of Christ, believers are equipped to deal with challenges in all areas of life

Jesus House Academy Classes

Teachings are delivered with total simplicity, are interactive and highly enlightening.

Equipping The Total Man:

Do you know that Man is a Triune being? 1Thes 5:23
How prosperous or healthy is your soul? 3 John 2 

At Jesus House Academy, we offer countless opportunities to;

  • Renew your mind with the word of God Rom12:1-2
  • Equip your Spirit Man as you grow & nurture the fruits of your regenerated spirit Gal 5:22
  • Equip yourself with the sword of the Spirit Hebrews 4:12
  • The Word that gives life…..John 1:1, 4, 14KJV
  • Get answers to life pertinent questions

The department runs series of courses (Levels 1 to 3), the weekly Adult Sunday School and seminars that deal with topics geared toward equipping individual Christians in their daily walk with God.

Level One

Basics of Christianity – Required for Water Baptism 

Week 1

Week 2

v  Eternal Life

v  Salvation by Grace

v  Righteousness by Grace

v  Relationship with God

v  The nature of God

Week 3

Week 4

v  Repentance

v  Commitment

v  Water Baptism

v  Identity in Christ Pts 1 & 2

v  What happens when a Christian sin?

Week 5

Week 6

v  The integrity of God’s Word

v  God’s not guilty

v  The Power of a spirit filled life

v  How to receive the Holy Spirit

v  The benefit of speaking in tongues

Level Two

Fundamentals of Christianity 

Week 1

Week 2

v  Self Centeredness: The source of all grief

v  How to meditate on God’s Word

v  Renewing the mind

Week 3

Week 4

v  The importance of Christ Church

v  Deliverance

v  Authority of the believer

v  Healing is in the atonement

v  Hindrances to healing

v  Forgiving others

Week 5

Week 6

v  Marriage Pt 1& 2

v  God’s kind of love Pt 1 & 2

v  Finances Pts 1 & 2

v  What to do when prayers seem unanswered


Level Three

Lessons in Discipleship

Week 1

Week 2

v  The divine flow

v  Using the gifts to minister

v  Miracles glorify God

v  The Power of godly relationships

v  Persecution

v  The King and His Kingdom

Week 3

Week 4

v  The Object of saving Grace

v  The proper use of God’s Law

v  Not under law but under Grace

v  No more consciousness of sin

v  I am loved, I am pretty

v  The fruit of salvation Pts 1& 2

Week 5

v  A call to discipleship

v  How to use your testimony

v  Using everyone’s gift to disciple

All Classes are free but registration is compulsory to ensure attendance
Watch out for date, time and venue announcement in the church bulletin and 7News

Who is a Disciple?

Adult Sunday School Every Sunday

What is Baptism?

Must I Be Saved To Get Baptized?

Why should I get baptized, if I don’t need it to be saved?

Jesus House Academy: Attendance Requirement