Welcome to the Jesus House Multimedia Department where our mission is "Enhancing Your Worship Experience".

This mission was born out of a desire to use media technologies to help individuals (both Christians and the unchurched) to develop more intimate relationship with God through various forms and styles of worship.

The department fondly known as JHMMD is grounded on 3 core values: Spirituality, Team Work and Excellence. The MMD family is made up of 5 teams, which jointly enlist over 80 volunteer members.

The Multimedia Department is the ministry arm of the Jesus House Media Centre.



Live audio mixing, recording and re-production.
Creation and display of graphics & video content.
Video capture, editing and post-production.
Mood & effects lighting and stage management.
Audio, video and online distribution of The Word.
Production management and team coordination.


The MMD leadership structure (illustrated below) consists of:

  - one Head of Department (HoD) for each of the 5 teams,

  - a Deputy Head in the case of MWM,

  - a department-wide Administrator,

  - and an overall Minister-in-Charge (MiC).



The department is supported by a 9-member Admin Team which is led by the Administrator and includes 8 Deputy Administrators who are individually responsible for each of the following areas:


For more information about or from the Multimedia Department and/or to request Multimedia Services, kindly send an email to or download relevant documents below:

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MMD_Production_Meeting_Checklist_2009_v01.00.pdf69.03 KB
MMD_Admin_Team_Job_Descriptions_v01.00.pdf159.03 KB
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