SHERR, is the Jesus House ministry for married couples who desire children, but are facing challenges in the area of conception and / or childbearing.  

SHERR’ is an acronym formed from the initial letters of the names of five women in the bible - Sarah, Hannah, Elizabeth, Rebekah and Rachel - who had one thing in common; they all believed God for children.  Through travails, waiting, believing and holding on to the promise from God, they eventually received their children from the Lord. These women are role models for us in this regard.   


We believe in fruitfulness and hold on to the promise of God that “none shall be barren.” (Exodus 23.26)  Our prayer is for a manifestation of this promise in the lives of all who have this desire.  


To provide spiritual and emotional support during the waiting period; to seek the manifestation of the promise of fruitfulness in our lives through prayer, the application of the word of God and other relevant tools and resources.  

The role of SHERR is therefore:

To encourage couples to seek the Lord's guidance regarding their own unique situations
To provide relevant information - spiritual, emotional, medical etc
To be a "safe place" where couples can "exhale" and receive the grace and strength to keep holding on.
To facilitate the building of relationships and friendships
To encourage couples to live life fully during the waiting period



 Monthly meetings -We meet once a month for prayer, group study, for fellowship and to share information as required.

Special events - with invited guest ministers e.g. night vigils, weekend retreats, Testimony evenings, anointing services etc.

Seminars e.g. Medical Seminars


I have only been married for 6 Months, can I attend SHERR  meetings / events?

 Yes, you can. SHERR is open to all married couples facing a challenge in the area of conception regardless of the length of the marriage.

 I already have a child although I would like to have another one. Can I be part of SHERR?

 Yes. The group is open to all married couples who desire a child / children but have not been able to achieve or maintain a pregnancy irrespective of the fact that they might already have a child or children.

 I have been waiting for many years for a child. Why should I be involved in SHERR?

 You will find a friendly informal atmosphere with people of like experience. We offer a place of safety where one may be encouraged and strengthened by accounts of the experiences of others and by testimonies of God’s faithfulness in the area of child bearing.

 Do I have to be a member of SHERR to attend the meetings and special programmes?

 SHERR does not have any formal membership. We maintain a mailing list so that people may, with their permission, be kept informed of our programme of events.  We welcome any married couple for whom our services are relevant. 

Do I have to be a member of Jesus House to attend the meetings and the events organised by SHERR?

No, all our events are open to married couples who feel that they may benefit from the support that we provide.  You do not have to be a member of Jesus House. We welcome  married couples of any race and faith.

 I am not able to attend the monthly meetings, what other support is there?

 SHERR provides a range of support; the monthly meeting is just one aspect.  We have special events and programmes with invited guest ministers, which you can attend. The Sherr team is also on hand to provide prayer, counselling, information and other practical and spiritual support.  


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