Novo Centre

Novo Centre Open Evening and Manna Project Launch

On Friday, August 6th the Novo Centre, a local drop-in Community Centre in the Grahame Park Estate, formally re-opened its doors. As a resource for local people, the centre provides advice, information, youth activities and training facilities.

Having undergone major refurbishment, the centre re-opened with the Manna Outlet shop, a food distribution service created to help those in need in the borough.

After opening and dedicating the centre, Pastor Sola Irukwu expressed her excitement at being part of this great event and stated that she hoped one day it would give Tesco a run for its money!.

Describing the centre as 'the life-long'.


The evening was organised to celebrate and highlight the refurbishment work that had taken place at the centre. It featured an array of presentations from various members of the community and the voluntary sector in Barnet.

Labour Councillor Zakia Zubairi was in attendance and described it as “the life-giving centre for all the community”. The Novo centre is a faith-led community initiative designed as a drop-in centre for the residents of Grahame Park Estate. It is a hub for local individuals and families to receive various forms of help and support ranging from youth activities, community meetings, training facilities, internet access and counselling services.
The centre was initially opened up on the estate in April 2006 as a Jesus House initiative, to serve as a drop-in centre for help and support. Built in the 1970’s, Grahame Park Estate is a key regeneration area and Barnet’s largest housing estate with a total of 1,777 homes. Over the years, the Grahame Park Estate has struggled to shake off the stigma of being a troubled and disadvantaged area, becoming synonymous with high rates of unemployment and problematic youth, and the Novo Centre is determined to play its part in altering the social landscape for the residents.

Taking advantage of the summer holidays, the centre is running a healthy roster of events and activities geared towards self-development opportunities for local youth. These include the Novo Summer Academy, the Football Academy and the Youth Enterprise Scheme. The centre plans to engage local residents in an interesting and constructive manner as it seeks to provide a brighter and more positive future for the youth.

Over the last couple of months, the centre has gone through a major refurbishment programme and significant changes in terms of its operations.
Operationally, there has been a re-structuring of services all aimed and targeted at the provision of a better and more enriched service to the community, which the centre serves. One such service of the centre is the Manna Outlet shop, a Food Distribution service set up for those in need. This is now fully functional and in service to the community.


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