Our People

Jesus House is able to function largely due to the selfless commitment of over 500 people, who give their time to run various departments and ministries during the week and at the eight services that take place over each weekend. Popularly referred to as the church's 'workforce', the activities of these volunteers are coordinated by a leadership structure made up of pastors, deacons, ministers and elders, in addition to heads of various departments and ministries.

Pastoral Council
Spiritual oversight and direction is provided by a core group of leaders - supported by the other leadership strands - who have submitted themselves in the service of the church, its congregation and its local community. These leaders have come from different walks of life - including medicine, law, IT and marketing - and have lent the wealth of their experience to the organisation's growth.

Board of Trustees
Jesus House is governed by a Memorandum and Articles of Association and is controlled by a board of trustees whose members are elected at the Annual General Meeting and are directors for the purposes of company law and trustees for the purposes of charity law.

Office Departments
The church office is the hub of operational and administrative activity at Jesus House, with a staff numbering approximately forty [40] (including several voluntary contributors) serving in different capacities to achieve the short, medium and longterm objectives of the church.

Jesus House Nationalities
Jesus House mirrors the cosmopolitan nature of its home city, London, with members of its congregation hailing from countries as diverse as American Samoa and Romania. With a French church, a Portuguese fellowship and approximately forty [40] nations represented in its membership - and growing - Jesus House can confidently refer to itself as a home 'for all nations'.