The Weapon of Prayer - E.M. Bounds

The Weapon of Prayer - E.M. Bounds

During the nineteenth century E.M. Bounds had a powerful prayer ministry and wrote over 8 books on prayer.

In The Weapon of Prayer E.M. Bounds explains the power of prayer and how we as Christians have been equipped by to pray to effect change in our world; to bring heaven to bear in earthly situations. He also describes the effects of prayerlessness imploring us to answer this call.

In Essentials of Prayer E. M. Bounds discusses the necessary components for an effective prayer life. Topics discussed include Prayer and Humility, Prayer and Trouble and Prayer and Consecration.

Answered Prayer was originally published as The Possibilities of Prayer. This book covers topics such as the prayer and the promises of God; prayer miracles and prayer and divine providence.

If you are serious about improving your prayer life and learning more about the dynamics of prayer and your relationship with God investing in an E.M. Bound prayer book may just be a necessity.

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