Statement of Giving

If you would like to receive a statement for your charitable giving for the tax year period 6th April 2015 – 5th April 2016 either for your tax returns or personal use, kindly fill your details below. Please note that this statement will only include all your traceable donations supported by your adequately filled envelopes, transfers into the Jesus House account, Paypal and text donations. Please allow up to two weeks for the statement to be sent out to you. Statements will be sent out by 28th of July 2016. Thank you.

As you would like it to appear on your statement of giving

Any previous names you've been known by in the past year

Please note that Certificates will only be sent out via email. Thanks.

(If you also give by company cheques) Please note that a separate statement will be provided for the company

Please indicate here any problems with previous statements