Christians Against Poverty

Christians Against Poverty

Did you know?
• The average household debt in the UK (excluding mortgages) was £7.975 in January.
• The average household debt in the UK (including mortgages) was £55,988 in January.
• The average amount owed per UK adult (including mortgages) was £29,634 in January. This was around 122% of average annual earnings.

Economic decline and increase to the costs of living has meant that for most people their disposable income has dramatically reduced.

In the borough of Barnet, although known as a fairly affluent borough, people are still likely to fall into debt. Even middle income families with a mortgage or a car who are making monthly payments are more likely to become victims, because one bad divorce, financial decision or the loss of a job could sent debts spiralling out of control.

In response to this, Jesus House in collaboration with North West Church have started a debt advice centre, under the umbrella of the national charity, Christians Against Poverty (CAP). CAP is run in the churches and aims to show God’s love in action by providing sustainable poverty relief through debt counselling, advice and practical help.

The centre works in three main ways: to manage one’s budget, to set up a CAP account where bills and debts can be paid from and further advice and address severe debt, bankruptcy and insolvency problems. With the nearest CAP centre to Barnet located in Cricklewood, the service will help to serve the residents of the borough.

Matt Barlow, the UK Chief Executive, said: “Every CAP Debt centre that opens is a significant moment for us, as we know the impact that our existing centres have on clients’ lives. “It is this potential for transformed lives that drives us.”

Christians Against Poverty
The charity began in 1996 when John Kirkby, armed with only a £10 donation, started to help people in his local community who were trapped in debt.

It has now grown into a fast-paced organisation with a vision to answer the national problem of debt in the UK by having at least one CAP centre operating in every major town and city by the year 2015.