Pancake Tuesday

Have your pancake and eat it!

On Pancake Tuesday, February 21st volunteers from Jesus House served up pancakes to local shoppers and residents at Brent Cross retail car park to celebrate the start of the Easter season.

Teaming up with local business Creperie 918, heart-warming pancakes were served starting from the price of £1! Topped with a variety of toppings such as whipped cream, chocolate or strawberry sauce.

Local workers from the Brent Cross area on their lunch break, or browsing the shops were able to choose between sweet and savoury pancakes on offer from the kiosk, as well chat and learn more about the important date in the Christian calendar.

Pancake Tuesday gets its name from the millions of pancakes that are eaten all around the world on this Tuesday before Lent begins.

Traditionally, this day was known as ‘Shrove Tuesday’, a day for confessing ones sins before Lent. Pancakes were made as the last feast before abstaining from rich food stuffs over Lent.

As Pancake Day marks the beginning of the Easter period, this has traditionally been a time for giving something you enjoy up for a short period. These days Christians and non- Christians usually give up one or more of their favourite foods or activities as a sacrifice to God.

Some even give up their favourite food or activity and donate the money saved to charities close to their hearts.

Melissa Levi, owner of Creperie 918 said “We think it’s an absolutely fabulous idea and we are happy to support Jesus House in this community initiative!”

Ayo Adedoyin, Head of the Community department at Jesus House, said “Pancake Tuesday is a perfect opportunity to use a much loved date in the calendar to kick-start the lead up to Easter.”

See the story in Hendon Times below:

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