Thanksgiving Weekend with a Special Message from the General Overseer

Thanksgiving Weekend with a Special Message from the General Overseer

The mid-point of the church’s calendar has traditionally been dedicated to collectively seeking God together in a conference known as the ‘Pursuit of God’.

This year’s conference has been a life changing experience, described by Pastor Vera, head of Church planting as “ the best Pursuit of God so far”, and also echoed by many members of the church.

As a climax to the month, on Sunday, 26th June, congregation members and visitors alike received a visit from Pastor E A Adeboye, the RCCG General Overseer, who hosts the Festival of Life a national event that takes place in London, Wales, Scotland and Ireland.

Well- known saxophonist Kunle Ajayi ministered instrumentally to the congregation with songs like ‘Our God is Mighty’ and ‘How Great Thou Art’, and the youth ministry choir overwhelmed the congregation with a tear jerking rendition of ‘Seasons’.

Pastor E A Adeboye, lovingly known as Daddy GO – is a humble man of God, whose prayer life leaves much to be desired as he rises at 6am every day without fail to seek God’s face. Not only this he travels endlessly throughout the world, preaching the gospel undiluted through prayer crusades and conferences, meeting with significant world leaders and praying for nations.

It is no wonder that in 2008 Newsweek magazine named Pastor Adeboye as “one of the fifty most powerful people in the world.”

A Divine Encounter

The atmosphere at Jesus House was one of ecstatic joy because of the special guest minister that followed a 'Night of Worship the night before where members of the church and the community joined in a celebratory musical gospel concert.

Pastor Adeboye encouraged the congregation in a message themed the ‘Divine Visitation – an encounter with God” He prophesised over the lives of the congregation, and spoke about being “hardworking”, “fruitfulness in life”, “levels and times changing” and he blessed the city of London.

With every prophesy, expressed with “Let somebody shout hallelujah!” returning with an ear-drum bursting chorus of “Hallelujah!” from every corner of the auditorium!

Even as the conference was at a physical end, the congregation were excited and encouraged to keep seeking God spiritually in every area of life.

Pastor Adeboye and his wife Pastor (Mrs) Foluke Adeboye (fondly known as Mummy G.O.), gave a special announcement to members of the online congregation logged in remotely over the internet via iphones, ipads and computers listening to this live broadcast message. The day was definitely a special one for those that took a new step of faith to ask for a relationship with God as Adeboye promised to pray for them every day for the rest of the year.

Healing and Restoration

Healing and restoration prayers were prophesised over the congregation. It was also another opportunity to thank God for Jesus House. Described by both he and his wife as a “Mighty Revival centre”, they both encouraged the senior pastors, and the work of God throughout the church.

Later that evening there was a special Thanksgiving service at 6pm to celebrate life in the Spirit.