Successful Christian Living


What next?

Starting a relationship with Jesus is like beginning any other new relationship – once we have asked Jesus to be part of our lives, we need to spend time getting to know him and learning about him. Joining his family, the church, will help. Try visiting your local church, or contact Jesus House – you will be welcomed to your new life and your new family with open arms.


The Jesus House Academy

If you're new to the faith and attend Jesus House, then please try out the Jesus House Academy, the teaching ministry at Jesus House, where people are taught the Word of God with simplicity. The regular interactive classes are delivered with a focus on the practical application of scripture in order to invoke change in the lives of people who desire to grow in God. Click here for more information on The Jesus House Academy


Join A Life group

Life Groups is the method via which we connect and grow together in smaller settings than our main church services.

A Life Group is any group of people who come together in an informal and friendly setting to impart the life of Christ on one another through Fellowship, Discipleship and Support. Our primary purpose is to develop meaningful and purposeful relationships whilst growing together. Click here for more information on Life Groups


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