7 NEWS SUN 09-10-2011

Sat, 08/10/2011

7NEWS covers news and events, jeans for genes, manna project and sorting out.

7NEWS - SUN 02-10-2011

Mon, 03/10/2011

7NEWS coverage of various events including the new online Prayer Wall.

7NEWS - SUN 25-09-2011

Fri, 23/09/2011

7NEWS - SUN 18-09-2011

Sun, 18/09/2011

7NEWS covers Week of Peace, easy fundraising, SALT question time and Pages Bookshop

7NEWS - SUN 11-09-2011

Mon, 12/09/2011
RUC Sunday takes control of 7NEWS this week as they bring all the latest news and events to you.

7NEWS - SUN 04-09-2011

Sun, 04/09/2011

7NEWS coverage of Lifegroups, Manna Project and CSR events.

7NEWS - SUN 21-08-2011

Sun, 21/08/2011

7NEWS is not in the building. WHY? We are having church in the park. 

7NEWS 140811

Mon, 15/08/2011

7NEWS coverage of week of serving, car wash and other events.

7 NEWS 07-08-2011

Sat, 06/08/2011

7NEWS coverage of Week of Serving, Summerfest Picnic and Manna project.

7 NEWS 31-07-2011

Sun, 31/07/2011

7NEWS coverage of Summerfest upcoming events.

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