7 NEWS 24-07-2011

Mon, 25/07/2011
7NEWS coverage of Summerfest and Musicfest events.

7 NEWS SUN 10-07-2011

Mon, 11/07/2011

7NEWS coverage of Summerfest, ReConnect Sunday, Esthers' and more.

7 NEWS SUN 03-07-2011

Mon, 04/07/2011
7NEWS coverage of Summerfest, Esthers and other weekly news and events.

7 NEWS SUN 19-06-2011

7News coverage of Couple weekend away and the GO visit.

7NEWS - SUN 12-06-2011

7NEWS coverage of Pentecost rehearsals, Pursuit of God and the GO's Visit.

7 NEWS SUN 27-03-2011


7NEWS - SUN 27-02-2011

7NEWS coverage of the latest news and events in Jesus House. 

7NEWS - SUN 16-01-2011

7NEWS coverage of G2R initiative, Chilean miners visit and call for volunteers to take the reigns for the month of February

7NEWS - SUN 09-01-2011

7NEWS coverage of upcoming events for January 2011

CSR AWARENESS Sunday 19-09-2010

CSR Sunday event. Raising awareness of Church Social Responsibility.

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