7NEWS 2204-2012

Sun, 22/04/2012

7NEWS coverage of Jesus House latest events and outreach projects.

7NEWS 2503 2012

Sun, 25/03/2012

7NEWS covers Palm Sunday, Esthers' Spring Retreat, and other Easter events.

7NEWS - SUN 1803-2012

Sun, 18/03/2012

7NEWS covers countdown to Easter, opportunities, Manna Project and National Parenting Initiative.

7NEWS 0403-2012

Sun, 04/03/2012

7NEWS coverage of Easter Art Competition, Outflow Advertising, Volunteer opportunities, Angel Network and Terry MacAlmon visiting Jesus House.

7NEWS 1902-2012

Mon, 20/02/2012

7NEWS coverage of upcoming Easter activities.

7NEWS - SUN 04-12-2011

Mon, 05/12/2011

7NEWS coverage of Christmas Events 2011

7NEWS - SUN 11-09-2011

Mon, 12/09/2011
RUC Sunday takes control of 7NEWS this week as they bring all the latest news and events to you.

7NEWS - SUN 1306-2010

This week's headlines: Enhancing Your Bible Study, and In Pursuit of God.

7NEWS - SUN 0606-2010

This week's headlines: Esthers' Experience 2010, and World Cup at Jesus House.

7NEWS - SUN 3005-2010

This week's headlines: National Family Week, Blossom Monthly Meeting, ReConnect presents 'The Lounge'.

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