Trust Him - He Wont Let You Down

When I look back on this year, the very least I can do is give God thanks.
There are so many things He's done, so many situations He's seen my mum and I through that give me reason to share my testimony but in the short space I have I'd like to share just one.

In April 2012, I was admitted into hospital after a week of what I can only describe as escalating and sudden pain. I remember clearly how I was out on the Sunday, celebrating with friends and woke up on the Monday not being able to walk properly and eventually leaving work later that day in tears because of the pain I was in.

Over the course of that week I became bed bound not being able to walk 5 steps because of the debilitating pain. Even with that, I didn't initially take it seriously, thinking it would just go away. Little did my mum and I know that that was just the beginning.

After 5 days of being bed ridden at home, my mum and I decided to go to the hospital. I genuinely thought they would give me a few strong painkillers and tell me to rest for the weekend. Instead, they admitted me with no indication of when I would be discharged. Slowly I began to realise that something was seriously wrong especially when I came down with a fever that meant my body temperature was in the early to mid 40s, when it should never be higher than 38*C and the doctors could do nothing to bring it down.

Alongside that they couldn't tell me what was wrong so I went from X-ray to blood test to more blood tests without them being able to do more than give me morphine for the pain. By this time my knee had swollen to three or four times it's normal size and I physically couldn't move it without being in excruciating pain. Yet the doctors couldn't tell me what was happening.

Eventually, I had an MRI scan which finally identified that I had a knee infection. At the time they didn't tell me it was life threatening but they were adamant that I went into theatre straight away to have the excess fluid that had built up in the tissue surrounding my knee removed.

In total, I actually ended up having 3 operations in the space of 7 days as the doctors assured me that it was essential they cleaned the infection out. For someone who's never had an operation before, one is bad enough - three was nothing less than traumatic for both me and my mum. BUT, I have a praying mum which means even when I was too tired or in too much pain to pray my mum didn't stop.

3 operations later it felt like I was back, not at square one, but age one, where I was being taught by physiotherapists how to walk again - literally teaching me how to put one leg in front of the other to walk in a straight line or up the stairs.

By the time I was finally discharged from hospital, a pick line had been inserted in my arm because the antibiotics I was on were so strong that they had to be injected on a twice daily basis. In total, this happened for just under four months.

During this I was also having physiotherapy to build up the muscle in my knee which had wasted away whilst I was in hospital as well as a variety of other drugs to help with the recovery process.

I felt like I was missing opportunity after opportunity as well as work, which when you're on a graduate scheme, is one of the worst things that can happen. I returned to work as soon as I could but this meant I was on crutches, giving myself the injections and missing days because of physiotherapy sessions.

God used many things to encourage me through this season, especially my mum. Her faith and inner strength were unwavering even when I became frustrated with how slow the recovery process was. When I cried, she was the one who wiped my tears away and prayed for me whilst the Holy Spirit comforted me from the inside out.

At the time I didn't understand what was happening or even why and to some extent I still don't. What I do know though is that God is faithful. During that period, I felt like God had plucked me from all that was familiar to me.

In doing that, however, He pulled me even closer to Him because day after day I had unlimited time to spend time in His presence praying and studying His word. In a time when I was physically vulnerable, God grew me spiritually and made me become completely dependent on Him which I'm grateful for. There weren't any distractions so my days were filled with Him and Him alone.

I can't even begin going into the detail of what God has done in my family this year. The fact that I'm now running, dancing, jumping, kneeling, walking and pain free is a testament to the goodness and healing power of the God I serve. In His mercy, God has given me a mum that continuously blesses me beyond belief.

A combination of these two things mean that when I reflect on this year, all I can do is stand in awe of God, give Him praise and thank Him in advance for how amazing 2013 will be.

My prayer is that this testimony encourages all who hear or read it. We serve a mighty God, who promises that nothing will be impossible with Him (Luke 1.37). He is a God that heals (Jer 33.6) and who keeps watch over His children (Ps 121.4,5). I want everyone to know that He renews the strength of all who wait on Him (Is 40.28-31) and that He keeps His promises (Ps 89.34).

Trust in Him - He won't let you down.

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