RUC Squad

RUC which stands up for Raised Up In Christ are a young group of people who are aged between 16-21, from different backgrounds and ethnic cultures, who come together for a shared passion, to build a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Who, What and Where?

RUC Squad is ‘In pursuit of God’ every Sunday at 12:30pm in the Hephzibah room at the Jesus House Centre. We explore the characteristics of God through various mediums, making sure that God is at the centre regardless of the avenue, either through music, drama, dance, activities or just simply fellowshipping with one another.


If you are looking to build a relationship with Jesus and you don’t know how, then we are ready to help. Whether it is to increase your relationship with God or to finally start a relationship with God, or simply have doubting questions and may feel lost, were here for you.

The leadership team is also passionate about God, they have been through what most teenagers/young adults have been through and experienced. They are ready to share their testimonies with you and how they came through and built a relationship with Christ.

QUOTES: “Understanding that we should serve God despite what he can do for us” - Renike