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30-Day Turnaround

Prayers and Fasting

On the 13th of February 2024, Jesus House turns 30—an incredible journey marked by God’s faithfulness, mercy, and favour. The number 30 holds deep biblical significance, seen in the lives of David, Joseph, and, most importantly, Jesus. It’s no coincidence that the Year of Turnaround aligns with our 30th year.

The 30-day turnaround prayers begin on January 15th. This dedicated time of seeking God’s presence will culminate in a thanksgiving Service on the 13th of February. Plug into this transformative experience and be part of the 30-day turnaround prayers.

As we enter a season of intentional seeking and spiritual growth, we encourage each one of you to join in the profound practice of fasting and praying. Fasting is a purposeful abstention from certain foods, habits, or indulgences for a dedicated period. It’s a spiritual journey that holds transformative potential for every believer.

It is not merely a physical act; it is a spiritual discipline that enables us to draw closer to God. By consciously relinquishing certain comforts, we create space for heightened spiritual awareness, self-discipline, and a deeper connection with our Heavenly Father.

Benefits of


There are numerous ways to fast, and we encourage you to prayerfully discern the approach that resonates with your unique journey. This season, let each of us purpose to do a little more than we did previously, challenging ourselves to grow spiritually.

Fasting isn’t limited to food alone. Consider abstaining from social media, television, gadgets, or other activities that may distract you from your spiritual focus.

Who Should

Not Fast

It’s important to note that fasting may not suitable for everyone. Pregnant or nursing mothers, the elderly, those on medication, and individuals with underlying health conditions should refrain from fasting. Children are not encouraged to abstain from food. Before embarking on any fast, we urge you to consult a qualified healthcare professional. As we embark on this collective journey, let’s be intentional about growing in our relationship with God. May this season of fasting and praying usher in a fresh wave of spiritual growth, revelation, and a renewed sense of purpose.
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