We are so glad to be back in Church for in-person services. We’d like to say a big thank you to you for observing the Covid-19 protocols whilst attending the services.

If you have not attended any of the services yet and would like to, we would really love for you to have the best experience given the circumstances.


Do I have to wear a mask?

Face coverings must be worn by ALL guests at ALL times (unless you are exempt).

Do we still have to observe social distancing?

Yes, please observe 2M social distancing at all times.

Am I allowed to speak with people outside my household or support bubble?

No, please do not mingle with anyone outside your household or support bubble

Are hand sanitisers stationed in the building?

Yes, we have hand sanitisers stationed throughout the building. Please wash or sanitize your hands as often as you can

Will it be ok to catch up, briefly, with friends I haven’t seen in the last 18 months?

No, please move on promptly and do not hang around the foyer.

Am I allowed to hug friends I haven’t seen in some time?

No, air hugging is 'The New’

Would it be ok to attend a service if I am feeling unwell?

No, please do not leave your residence if you are feeling unwell. We would love for you to join and enjoy the service online, this way, you will be protecting yourself and others from any unwanted illnesses.

Will I be allowed into the service without a reserved seat?

If you are unable to book your seat because the limit has been reached, please continue to enjoy the service online at home. Please do not turn up at the door on the day – you will not be allowed to enter.

What do I need to have to gain access to the service?

Please be sure to have your QR code ready to show at the door.

What time should I arrive for the service?

Please arrive 15mins before the service to give us time to check you in and get you comfortable.

Are there signs in the building to guide where to go and a traffic flow?

Yes, please observe the designated traffic flow on display in the building.

What are the service times when we return to church ?

The in-person service will only be for the First service at 9am. This service will also be available online.

Will kidzfirst be open?

No, Kidzfirst, Pages and the Brook café will not be open.

Does my booking cover just me or will my family be included in one booking?

Please note that seats are reserved per individual however, you can reserve seats for multiple occupants.

Are pregnant and nursing mothers allowed to attend service?

Yes but we would advise pregnant and nursing mothers to join the service online.